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Game design updates

2007-08-27 22:10:17 by JohnnySedona

Not that anyone's keeping track, but if you are-
The new game was supposed to drop today so I could make it out to Burning Man and commit horrible acts of depravity for a week. But it's gotten a little out of hand, and should take another two weeks to wrap up. Dammit.

The good news is, it's sexy as fuck. But you won't see it till it's ready.

New release date:

Which pushes the We Are Legend sequel back another couple weeks, but I may come out with an extended edition, a 1.5 if you will, if I can find someone to pay my bills while I work on it.

Think you're fuckin funny? Prove it.

2007-08-18 07:10:35 by JohnnySedona

If you played my last game, you know I like to pay attention to detail. This next project is coming along, and looks sexy and plays like a dream. I've got voice talent lined up, and the game development is nearing a playable build. The game is meant to be a little humorous- not goofy or silly, but funny all the same. The only problem is, I'm only one man. That's where you come in. The game takes place in a bar, and there will be several dozen non-player characters. And they're really the stars of the show. I need dialog, because there's only so much I can do myself. If you've got flash work out right now, and it's funny, and you wouldn't mind developing a character or two for in-game credit, let me know. This is gonna be a great game- it'll blow We Are Legend out of the water. (And We Are Legend's already at 500,000 plays this month.) I've included a screenshot of the character select screen, which is about 75% complete.

Let me know, and I'll send you more info, along with some demo builds.
P.S.- If you don't have work already on Newgrounds, I'd appreciate it if you sent me some links to something you've done/written. Thanks.

Think you're fuckin funny?  Prove it.

Next project and some other ideas...

2007-07-25 00:20:37 by JohnnySedona

Hahaha. So the next game was gonna be rad. TOO fuckin rad for my ass. After a lot of thinking and some desperate scripting, I've decided that a side-scrolling shooter sexy enough for me to be interested was just going to take too fuckin long. So, that project is on hold, for as long as it takes for me to find a way to make a living off of something like that.
The next project is top secret, because it's never been done before (at least not in Flash, and not this well), and because I'm trying to do it first.
It'll be done by the second or third week of August (at least it fuckin better be, I've got to get out to Burning Man).

And while I'm on the subject of making a living- I encourage all my fellow designers to look into MochiBot and MochiAds. I'm thinking about putting together a wiki/bbs/whatever for flash designers, but I'm thinking that it's gonna get flooded with requests for basic AS tutorials and all the other bullshit that makes finding good, advanced flash advice for experienced developers such a pain in the ass.

For now, it's just a thought. If you're into it, let me know.

UPDATE- Due to overwhelmingly positive feedback, it looks like a sequel to We Are Legend is gonna have to happen. We Are Legend: Revenant Angel will probably be three or four times longer than this game, with a lot of other enhancements. But it's not coming out for at least two or three months.

We Are Legend: Arockalypse

2007-07-20 20:37:06 by JohnnySedona

Thanks to everyone for your support, and thanks to ArmorGames for such a rad contest. The next game will be a side-scrolling adventure shooter with plenty of suspense, action. It may be a little too ambitious, but I'm doing some exploratory programming next week, so we'll see what happens. If this game is possible from a time/budget standpoint, I promise that it will rain shit all over the other games you have come to expect from flash designers. That's what it's all about: taking things to the next level.

I'm also a freelance designer, so if you need flash work for a commercial project, let me know. My rates are reasonable.

Rock Out Contest's Biggest Losers...

2007-07-17 19:48:44 by JohnnySedona

The Rock Out contest is officially over, and I know many of you are stoked: no more half-assed attempts at recreating games that are already classics (DDR and Guitar hero, mostly).
Personally, I'm sad. The last day of the contest saw dozens of submissions, most of which were incomplete games, and nearly every last day submission was voted down to nothing (either by contestants who were already in the game, or people who were just that sick of seeing the same theme over and over and over again.)

There was one game, however, that might have slipped through the cracks a little too soon. Reviews are all really great, but it's long gone from the front page, and you'll probably never even see it.

So this is my eulogy (and shameful plug) for We Are Legend: a game that took 180 hours to develop and died before it even saw the light of day.

Anyone else feel like their quality game got burned by bad timing and unbalanced voting?

(And if you voted 0 on it after you read this post, and I know some of you did, you should be ashamed of yourselves. I'd love to make more games, but I'm not into playing politics. If you're gonna shit on this game without even looking at it or giving me any feedback as to why you didn't like it, you're really just making sure that I won't submit games to NG anymore.)

HAHA! The game's doing great now. Looks like bitching about things on your profile can actually make a difference. Thanks to everyone who played the game!