Think you're fuckin funny? Prove it.

2007-08-18 07:10:35 by JohnnySedona

If you played my last game, you know I like to pay attention to detail. This next project is coming along, and looks sexy and plays like a dream. I've got voice talent lined up, and the game development is nearing a playable build. The game is meant to be a little humorous- not goofy or silly, but funny all the same. The only problem is, I'm only one man. That's where you come in. The game takes place in a bar, and there will be several dozen non-player characters. And they're really the stars of the show. I need dialog, because there's only so much I can do myself. If you've got flash work out right now, and it's funny, and you wouldn't mind developing a character or two for in-game credit, let me know. This is gonna be a great game- it'll blow We Are Legend out of the water. (And We Are Legend's already at 500,000 plays this month.) I've included a screenshot of the character select screen, which is about 75% complete.

Let me know, and I'll send you more info, along with some demo builds.
P.S.- If you don't have work already on Newgrounds, I'd appreciate it if you sent me some links to something you've done/written. Thanks.

Think you're fuckin funny?  Prove it.


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2007-08-18 09:01:19

I would love to help.. But I suck :(
Good luck.


2007-08-18 12:12:00

You need funny huh? Have you tried eating comedians? That always works for other flash artists. Either that or just find ONE joke and use it the whole time, like JohnnyUtah. *cockjoke*

But if you absolutely need funny material from other users make sure they have to send you a sample so you can decide whether they're funny or not. Good luck, and the screenshot looks great...yet strangely familair...

JohnnySedona responds:

Yes, they stole their staff page from Capcom, and I stole it from them. At least this will have a game after it, though. The NG Staff page was just like a big buildup to nothing, sadly enough.


2007-08-18 16:11:56 eerCollab_Part5.php
here's a drunk guy I made for the beer collab. ;)


2007-08-21 13:10:19

I'm not funny at all.

JohnnySedona responds:

But you do get banned a lot. Everyone's got something.