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Rock Out Contest's Biggest Losers...

Posted by JohnnySedona - July 17th, 2007

The Rock Out contest is officially over, and I know many of you are stoked: no more half-assed attempts at recreating games that are already classics (DDR and Guitar hero, mostly).
Personally, I'm sad. The last day of the contest saw dozens of submissions, most of which were incomplete games, and nearly every last day submission was voted down to nothing (either by contestants who were already in the game, or people who were just that sick of seeing the same theme over and over and over again.)

There was one game, however, that might have slipped through the cracks a little too soon. Reviews are all really great, but it's long gone from the front page, and you'll probably never even see it.

So this is my eulogy (and shameful plug) for We Are Legend: a game that took 180 hours to develop and died before it even saw the light of day.

Anyone else feel like their quality game got burned by bad timing and unbalanced voting?

(And if you voted 0 on it after you read this post, and I know some of you did, you should be ashamed of yourselves. I'd love to make more games, but I'm not into playing politics. If you're gonna shit on this game without even looking at it or giving me any feedback as to why you didn't like it, you're really just making sure that I won't submit games to NG anymore.)

HAHA! The game's doing great now. Looks like bitching about things on your profile can actually make a difference. Thanks to everyone who played the game!

Comments (9)

Oh god I'm so glad there's no more haha. But i never did vote on any of them

Hey, I feel you. There were some fuckin WORTHLESS games in there.

Dude... this is an amazing game. The fact that you have a 3.1 is a shame, and ng people should be ashamed. This game would havea 4.1 at any other time... really weird.

Thanks John. Do me a favor and let other people know about it! I'd love to make more games, but not if I'm looking at the kind of votes this one got.

Looks like this is your first NG game. ust want to make sure you know that this is a super unusual situation. Theres always a bit of down voting but I've never seen it at this level before. Its just the huge prizes make everyone a little nuts. I'd say that if you continue to make games in the future, you wont see anything like this happen again except maybe for other huge contests. I really hope you decide to keep making games!

Dude, the downvoting's just gotten worse since this post went up- it's already bombed from a 3.18 to a 3.15 in under 1/2 an hour. Looks like I just attracted the attention of other contest submitters.

Its a shame really, the problem is that People can vote multiple times, even if it is only once per day. Is there really any reason to be able to vote multiple times? You should get one vote and thats it, maybe be alowed to change your vote, but thats it. I'd imagine that Tom and the guys haven't thought about this because theres really no reason, and it only causes problems like this. But I really wouldnt let this discorage you from future projects. For what its worth, I voted 5 and at level 9, thats worth about 4.5 votes or something like that.

Hey, I appreciate your support. I'd love to be able to pay the bills and keep making flash games (although I'll definitely go for sponsorship and not contests in the future). We'll see what happens over the next few days, voting for the contest is open till Sunday.

Heeeeey! Look! The score has risen!


Oh, and I just realized you're in the top 10, with the 11th at 3.57.

So...'grats, and make a survival horror shooter game next.


Thanks for all your support, man. It made a world of difference to have the Newgrounds community behind me on this. The wheels are already turning on the next one, it should be out in three or four weeks. I'll keep you up to date!

I just saw your game on the front page, and you're right, I wouldn'tve even known about it otherwise.

Brilliant game. All my fives were belonging to it. ^_^

Thanks for your support man, I appreciate it.

Dont worry! I voted a 5 for ya! My vote is worth like 5.8 votes or something like that =D

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