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Moment of indulgence my ass.

I will give it a 6 because it was cleanly animated. But the tagline at the end ruins an otherwise effective (if trite and cliche) PSA.

Don't ruin a lifetime of happiness for a moment of indulgence? Smoking has given me a lifetime of happiness. Spending $20,000 to see my kid get married to a guy who has a 50% chance of divorcing her? Sounds much more like a momentary indulgence to me.

Until you've kicked a pack-a-day habit, spare us the lectures. You obviously don't get it.

I didn't want it to end

This was awesome. Powerthist-stealing accusations are retarded, it's not like Powerthirst invented sarcasm. In any case, this was dope, the typography and animation were excellently done (they were obviously simple, quick sketches, but you got the most out of them), and the voice acting was fantastic.

The only critique I'd offer- maybe have someone else copy your voiceover. You nailed the emphasis and the tone, but - no offense - your voice sounds like you just hit puberty. I think with a professional voice actor and bit of time cleaning up the artwork, this could be a classic.

Fuckin comedy.

It takes a really great flash to make me laugh out loud, and I was kind of expecting this to be overrated and just be a shitty episode of Tankmen. You guys did a great fucking job with this.

(And wtf with the pause button whiners? Cry about it.)

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It's quick and fun with lots of attention to detail. Well written, well drawn. Great work!

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Viva la Fulp?

This was an awesome concept until the last screen. Pull your tongue out of the Internet's ass.

deathink responds:

do you mean like this --------> :P :I

Great atmosphere and animation, but...

This was a very pretty game, and the animation was flawless.
The gameplay, however, never rose above the typical "click every pixel" mechanic that so many point-and-click games rely on.

More feedback for the puzzles would have made this much less frustrating. Clicking around a black screen until I hit the right spot isn't fun, it's annoying. The early puzzles felt well-developed, but after the clock things started to go downhill.

I would have enjoyed it just as much if it was a straight animation.

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Great Sound

It sounds huge. Fantastic.

(And I wanted to make sure that you had more than 1 review- that last review's pretty fuckin silly)

All that time dancing for the fuckin Man finally paid off, baby. Play my video games, or your life will be empty and sad.

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