Drunken Masters- New Version?

2008-03-13 22:14:21 by JohnnySedona

So the new version of Drunken Masters is up today, and most of the bugs that you guys found have been fixed. Some of them affected the gameplay- it's harder to keep a bottle balanced for like 30 seconds than it was before, and promotions happen once every 2 or 3 shifts now, instead of every shift.

I also noticed the score dropped a bit today, and I'm not too freaked out about it (many of the other top-scoring submissions that it was submitted with have gone down quite a bit, too). So the question is, what do you guys think of this version? Is it better, worse, or did you not even notice bugs in the original?

Again, I want to thank all of you guys for being so supportive of the game- I seriously spent so much time play testing it that I didn't even think it was fun anymore, and when my friends playtested and told me that it was fun, I thought they were just telling me what I wanted to hear. It's really great to know that you guys like it.

Last thoughts: what do you guys think about an NG edition (for Pico Day, maybe?) featuring some of the NG characters as customers? Would that be worth a separate submission, or would it be a waste of time?

Thanks again!


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2008-03-13 22:27:35

The score dropped simply because it reached the top fifty. The game is better with the improvements, I believe; the score is only lowering as people realize that it's one of the highest rated of all time and think there are other games/movies that deserve it more.
Ignore it. The game will still continue to be immensely popular. You've done a fine job of programming this thing. Can't wait to see what you cook up next.

I personally feel an "NG Edition" would be trying to suck too much out of it. Not a big enough change to justify an entire new submission of the game, especially since the characters and customers don't matter THAT much.

I also want to see what you can create in the future. You've certainly got really promising skills. Don't get caught up on one game simply because it became really popular. Instead, concentrate on making more popular games, so you'll have quite a portfolio under your belt and will have left a "legacy", so to say, on the flash gaming world.


2008-03-13 23:12:37

Improvements = Top notch.
Game is flawless. Like I said, very promising artist with some good ideas and genius programming. Great job and good luck for the future.

As for a NG version. Don't bleed the game to death. This is by all means a great game so don't let it die or even kill it with like 100 versions of it.

Also the reason I say that is becasue I wonna see what else you're capable of.


2008-03-14 00:36:11

thanks for cleaning out the bugs, though I did like exploiting the easy promotions. the NG version might work, but you'd need to make some bigger changes than customers. replace the old bartender guy whose name I forgot with tom fulp, swap the playable characters with all of NG's best characters and give them different signature tricks. maybe you could even use powerups and random events, though that might be a bit much.


2008-03-14 03:31:43

I noticed no bugs in the original also yes I'd love an NG edition or even a sandbox mode where you can create your own drinks and people will actually ask for them while you're working the 'real shifts'. Anyway just my ideas, love it! Love the game love your work.

JohnnySedona responds:

Thanks! There's a sandbox mode in the Deluxe Edition (working on that right now, actually). It does cost $1.50, but it'll be ready to download by the end of the month.


2008-03-14 16:21:51

I loved this game. I am a mixologist at heart. I think that rather than making a whole pico themed one.. itd be cool to just sneak in a pico day unlockable character to your existing one... sort of like we did when we introduced Hank on Madness Day into Newgrounds Rumble. I agree with whoever said that if you made it full pico it may milk the series and take away its appeal.

As for improvements on the next version, i think variety would be awesome.. just rack up a shitload of drink combinations. Maybe include the little shaker tin this time around for drinks that need to be agitated. Also some drinks require more than one garnish it would be cool to throw that into the mix.

Or maybe being able to goto different bars so it really feels like you are progressing in the game beyond just looking at stats.. like you start off in a dump of a bar and then as you gain more experience you get into higher class bars where people are pickier about the drink mixtures and stuff...

Also would be cool to add drinks that involve lighting them :)


2008-03-14 17:39:24

i didnt like we are legend, cuz it had a nice storyline but the gameplay was too repetitive for some reason, maybe the zombies were out of beat? well drunken masters is an awesome game i think if u made a pico day submission u could make a little bar fight mingame and add more sytuff so it just a srunken masters mod, ya know?


2008-03-14 18:04:23

Yes much better, much less buggy. Still one problem I found, when you have the balence assist on and you pour a bottle and let go of it (so that it keeps pouring), once you grab the bottle agein it will automaticaly start balencing it than just grabbing the bottle. Also when you do this the combo timmer keeps counting down even while your still balencing the bottle.

It's still a great game though, oh and I wouldn't really worry about score, whats more important is how many people have the game on their favorites list. I don't know about the NG edition, sounds kinda corny.


2008-03-14 22:13:45

Now the question about the game is how many look alikes are going to be made now. Oh and thats for fixing the bugs. :) makes the game better when you don't have a Promotion every shift also.

But I do believe that the experince points should be based on the amount of points that you score in a round.


2008-03-15 09:49:15

Congets for the weekly 5th. You sure as hell deserve it!

A seperate piece for NewGrounds would be awesome! Recommended costomers - Metal Gear Awesome, AngryFaic, Pico, Nene, Dad'n'me, Tankman, Stickman, Theultimateshowdown, Unreal Flash, The Last Stand.



2008-03-15 17:12:06

The new version makes things more difficult, and thats good for me. But I hated tha fact that now the combo counter (you know, the clock) doesnt stop when pouring. I think that should be chaged back the way it was before. Other than that, its a grat version.

Abotru the NG edition: I donĀ“t recommend it.

JohnnySedona responds:

Yeah, that pissed me off, too, but a lot of players were exploiting the "if you pour forever you can get unlimited points" bug. No big deal on it's own, but the 1% trick that Luc's got made it a serious exploit- not to mention that some sites are tracking high scores for the game. It was a valuable lesson for me as a designer, though- in the future I'll have to keep a better eye on that kind of stuff.


2008-03-16 22:25:28

Flaring has always been a personnel enjoyment of mine so I'm very excited about this game. As others suggested you should jsut add a little something related to pico day if at all. Maybe add a drink named after pico that is made out of a lot of hard liquor in the biggest glass. Other than that, I'll jsut say this game really deserves a top spot for being the first, and if no the best, flaring/ bar game created. I'm definitely going to buy this game. And tell my friends about it. Also, the game dropped in score because it was a threat to the top 5, those flash videos have massive fan base that vote down on anything near their fav's. In return people vote their fav's done and the average score is lowered until the artist posts another flash in the portal. Its just a cycle.


2008-03-20 09:39:23

i thin kthat would be awsome for pico day but make sure you include some new features or it will become dull and stale


2008-03-20 19:37:28

Get me a Holy Bartender.


2008-03-22 23:55:16

Hey, you wrote a comment to me. And I'm stupid. 'Sherly Temple.'

:P I'm an idiot. It wasn't until a day later I realized that. Sorry.

But dude, I always mix my own Clamato. Store bought Clamato is a little spicy.(My opinion)

Nice choice with the Irish Car bombs. The greatist party drink I know. :D


2008-03-23 08:36:44

dw about the score, it happens to everything that reaches the top 150 flash in the portal and as for an ng edition why not just make pico as an unlockable character (along with darnell and all that)


2008-03-24 13:00:36

its the only flash game i play


2008-04-05 13:54:34

Why have I thought that that face icon you use for everything was a mexican until I saw it as a big version in your profile picture?