Thanks, Newgrounds!

2008-03-09 00:41:14 by JohnnySedona

Thanks for all the Drunken Masters feedback- I never expected such an overwhelming response! Naturally, a game this large is going to have a few issues that slip through the cracks. I've got about 15 items to track down and fix, ranging from the VS. mode bug to the misspelling of "Oakland" on Stunna's Character Description. I'll be updating within the week. In the meantime, don't let it stop you from playing. 95% of players won't experience any bugs at all- those that do, I apologize and I'll get right on them.

You can track the progress of the next version at!



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2008-03-09 13:46:36

No problem :D


2008-03-09 15:23:29

I freakin' love the game.


2008-03-09 18:15:38

Man i wish the deluxe was out now!


2008-03-09 19:20:30

i'll be waiting for the new version, the actual game is incredible but, some bugs fuck the gameplay, so im gonna wait to the next version to play it again :D


2008-03-10 10:48:30

The bugs kinda ruined my gameplay so you fixing them would be awesome.
The game is even better then the guitar hero/zombha killing/haynes game that you made.


2008-03-10 13:26:13

You said about downloading the game for older machines, where can I find the download?


2008-03-12 15:04:11

fully addicted awesome


2008-03-12 23:16:18

how do you do lemon lime soda???


2008-03-13 16:17:07

The new version is awesome, keep up the good work


2008-03-13 18:00:22

I bet your getting alot of these "Wow your cool" and "That rocked. Imean Drunken masters Is like OMFG!!!!"

And yeah there all correct!!!
Awesome job honestly.
If I had a hat on, I'd take it off.

many thanks for the fun...


2008-03-13 19:13:02

dude that like the5..7...4 3th greatest game ive ever played good job