Fuckin finally.

2008-02-08 06:16:18 by JohnnySedona

Drunken Masters is complete. Finally. As soon as I get a sponsor to short-change me for the ridiculous amount of work that went into this bastard, I'll upload it to NG for all you degenerates. Thanks for all the support, Newgrounds.


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2008-02-10 19:25:29

I cannot provide sponsors, how about a friendly hug?
Nevermind, I'll be waiting for your game.


2008-02-14 21:27:55

Yar, upload soon plz! :D

JohnnySedona responds:

The sponsor's signed on, all that's left to do now is a little bit of testing on their end... expect it early next week.


2008-02-16 17:48:08

Excellent...this gives me a reason to step out of the shadows for a while.

Oh, and before I forget, Greetings again.

-- Kahrne


2008-02-23 12:06:08

"It was like DDR because you didn't have to press the space bar, but aside from that, it was really nothing like DDR. Like I've mentioned before, a six-year old beat me at DDR, and I've sworn an oath to never fuckin play that game again."

never play ddr again?!?!?!? awww thats so sad T^T ive been playing for 3 years and its awesome but i see how its like ddr now


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