Release Update

2007-11-11 19:31:57 by JohnnySedona

Good news and bad news...
The good news is that I got a job making Flash banner ads and I'm gonna be pulling in some pretty decent cash over the next few months. This will allow me to take even more time refining the game and making it extra sexy.

The bad news is, I can't work on the game full-time anymore- maybe 4-5 hours a week, instead of 40-50. So... the release is pushed back indefinitely, but I think it'll be ready by the new year.

We will see...


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2007-11-12 20:20:40

Awwww crap waiting to play this game just to be pushed back..... oh well it should be worth the wait ^_^


2007-12-03 00:03:46

Dude, loving your stuff, can't wait till the new game!.. and if you ever make a game for console platform, I WILL BUY!!!!!

Love, PinkEmoSlayer


2007-12-09 23:53:15

Sad to hear that the game will take longer to come out, but congratz on the new job Johnny, but as Gage196 said; It shall be worth the wait :)