Epic, ridiculous, legendary nonsense. Currently under construction

2009-06-23 01:13:53 by JohnnySedona

Sad news:
There will not be a Drunken Masters sequel, and there will not be a We Are Legend sequel. Unless someone wants to port it to Wii, in which case I lied and I'm ready to start tomorrow.

But, in better news, I'm working on what may be the dumbest idea ever, a game so beautiful that I'm pretty much guaranteed to lose money and time and personal relationships because of it. But you're going to love it so much that you'll name your firstborn children after me.

You might actually hate it, if you don't know how to have fun (or if you use a trackball and can't keep up with the retardedly unnecessary mouse-flailing action). Screens soon. Just thought, once again, that you guys wanted to fuckin know.

Epic, ridiculous, legendary nonsense.  Currently under construction


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2009-06-23 02:45:01

lol,Oh Kanye!

tell me went this soon to be epics comes out

(Updated ) JohnnySedona responds:

not soon enough.

poor puffy's gonna be bummed that you didn't recognize him


2009-07-15 10:16:20

i wanna get we are legend but i dont get the info u gave me


2009-07-15 10:18:26

sorry forget the last comment i screwd up i wanna get cheats for we are legend but i dont understand the info we get when we select cheats


2009-07-16 23:28:10

It's been over twenty days! Why isn't this game made yet?



2009-09-06 12:06:19

Tsk, tsk, Dan. You're worse with release dates than Blizzard is. You announce a game, un-announce it, re-announce it, push the release date back 3 times, then say its out when its out. What happened to early summer, 2009? XD

Regardless of your dubious design schedule, I'm sure the game is gonna be crazy awesome. After the amount of work you've put into We Are Legend and Drunken Masters, I know this game's gonna be pretty sweet when it comes out. If only you could set a concrete release date.

As always, thanks for keeping all of us in the loop, and let me know if you need my services. I'd love to sneak into the credits again. =D

(Updated ) JohnnySedona responds:

Yeah, this one's gonna take a LOT longer than the others. I was unemployed when I made We Are Legend and DM, so making an even bigger game is turning out to be a pretty serious undertaking.

Once it's closer to release, I'll definitely need some QA, so if you're interested I'd love to have you involved again.

Are you talking about Diablo III, btw? What ever happened to that? >:(

P.S. The one thing I CAN promise, is that the new game will come out before Duke Nukem Forever. That's the best I can do for now...


2009-09-11 15:19:55

Lol. Before Duke Nukem Forever? At this point, I'm unsure if that game even EXISTS anymore. We've been waiting for so many years I've lost count, and the only evidence I've seen that the game is even in development was a few screenshots in some gaming magazine a couple of years back. So I would hope you'd have your game ready before then.

And yeah, just let me know when the game is completed or near-completed and I'd be happy to help you out in any way possible.

And as for Diablo 3? No one knows. Maybe this year, maybe not. How about Starcraft 2? COULD be this november, but it's highly unlikely. For Christ's sake, Blizzard can't even hold to a release date for a PATCH. They announced the 1.13 patch for Diablo 2 at the beginning of this year, and said it could be ready as soon as early April. What month are we in? At least you were timely in your development of patches for DM.

I'm sure the game will be pretty fricking sweet though.


2010-03-15 11:37:42

NEED UPDATES JOHNNY! I love your games. I wanna have wild sex with them.


2010-08-01 15:07:47

haven't seen you update anything for ages...

JohnnySedona responds:

Trying to learn ActionScript 3 so the next game can kick that much more ass. And, it was a much bigger game than I'd planned, and the economy sucks, so I gotta spend more time working, and people like you keep bothering me (j/k, love you guys), and-most importantly- I'm still marinating some ideas, making em all good in my brain before I unleash them on the Newgroundians. So, I promise, I'm still working on a game of epic proportions. Don't let the 1-year delay fool you...


2011-03-12 16:23:20

Looking forward to new game We Are Legend is a brillinat crossover between Guitar Hero and zombies (and A lot of stupid idiots cuss the game because they love Guitar Hero and can't accept any other game like it lol) and Drunken Masters which is my personal favouriteof the 2 is a epic game about making ALCHOHOL (sorry for spelling that wrong if I did I'm actually good at English but just a bit tired and typing fast) and upgrading like an RPG.

I hope you do read this ecause from previous comments you sia dyou were going to realse new gae before Duke Nukem Forever and in case you didn't know that's coming out in 2 MONTHS so as epic as this game will be seeing as you have been working on it for so long, I suggest you hurry just the tiniest bit if you want to realese it before that date.

Oh also I like Kanye west's Music just don't like him because he think's He's God's gift to Earth just had to point that out :D


2011-03-12 16:25:20

sorry for spelling mistakes AGAIN that's the most mistakes I have ever made lol


2011-04-26 07:42:48

duke nukem forever is out in couple of month i hope your game will be there soon