Release date pushed back... again.

2007-09-10 17:58:08 by JohnnySedona

If you were expecting a new game to drop today, I am proud of you- you're keeping better track of things than I am. I'm still putting in work, 8-12 hours a day (except Labor Day weekend, I got shitfaced and floated down the Sacramento river a few times). Everything's looking and playing better than ever, but the release date is now 9/31. That's the last time it's being pushed back. Seriously. I drew up a design schedule, and that's what it looks like, anyway. So this is officially the longest project I've ever put together, and I know you guys are gonna dig it.


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2007-09-10 18:48:46

When it comes out i'm gonna vote 5 on it every day! w00t


2007-10-02 01:06:49

Awesome can't wait for this shit to drop man. Keep up the good work.


2007-10-05 19:53:20

You know, if you dropped We Are Legend 2 on Halloween, it would rule the frontpage.


2007-10-08 16:46:16

Heh... Get it? Zombies + Haloween = :)


2007-11-04 21:07:04

It never came out why?


2007-11-04 21:08:07

Why did it not get released