Monthly Prizes

2008-04-08 21:21:30 by JohnnySedona

Every game in the top 5 deserved its place- they were all stylish, professional, and fun as hell. I played each of those games and totally dug them. I didn't really get the Mastermind game at first, though- then I actually watched the Mastermind movies, and then it all made sense.

That said, Luis, BoMToons, and Coaly, the artists behind Castle Crashing The Beard, have decided to pass their monthly prize for that game down to me for Drunken Masters.


That's just about the most amazingly bad ass thing anyone has ever done, and I'm so stoked about it, I can barely type. I can't thank them enough for this- it's seriously awesome.

If you liked Drunken Masters, I guarantee that you'll enjoy all the games that made it into the monthly top five. Pillage the Village, CCTB, and Boxhead are my personal favorites, but that's just because I'm not into puzzle games. Shift has a brilliant game mechanic, and Mastermind, well... if you can play the game without laughing out loud, then you've got no soul.

Thanks again to BoM, Luis, and Coaly- and thanks to everyone that's played Drunken Masters!


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2008-04-08 22:41:04

We think you're one of the hot upcoming talents on NG and you definitely deserved that money as much as any of us!


2008-04-09 03:26:08

That's awesome of them to do that, but there great people so I'm not TOTALLY surprised :)

Anyway, haven't played drunken masters myself yet, but my roommate was playing it, then playing it a again a few days later so he must have liked it. I did hear the sound effects, they were rather lively and seemed to fit well, I'll be sure to check it out as soon as I'm done coding stabika 3 which will be out this month, woot. Grats on the game man, good stuff.


2008-04-11 17:40:52

cuz they did such awesome thing, u have to do an awesome thing too,,, MAKING A SEQUEL!!!:P

i'm serious:D
u'll make lots of us ( too-lazy-to-make-kewl-flash-games-the irselves-but-play-ownage-flash-games) happy!!!

if u have the time PM me if u'll make it:D

JohnnySedona responds:

Man, I don't know about that... what more could I even add? I'm not a big fan of gratuitous sequels, and I don't think I could add enough to the game to make a sequel worth it- the game's pretty damn huge as it is.

I'll make some more fun games, though.


2008-04-12 16:13:48

you should make a sequel to We Are Legend: Arockolypse. that would be cool.

JohnnySedona responds:

That's a little more likely, but I've got a lot of fun ideas for other games I'm gonna run with for the foreseeable future. Maybe when I can figure out how to make it for Xbox so that people can play with the guitar hero controller...


2008-04-14 17:48:34

Good for you then. I loved Drunken Masters, so you really deserve the prize.


2008-05-22 15:15:22

Drunken masters was amazing. Brought my cocktail book upstairs and mixed it up for two hours =D
Are you actually called Dan Hoelck or Johnny Sedona? I'm so confused :S

JohnnySedona responds:

It depends on whether or not I'm drunk and undercover, I guess.


2008-06-25 23:00:16

i love you


2008-09-03 19:07:36

i saw the cheat menu in we are legend (great game btw) but i cant find the cheats
can i get some help with this


2008-09-10 15:26:49

place random phrase here